Computer Repair Shop Jaipur

computer repair shop in jaipur

Computer Repair Shop Jaipur

computer repair shop in jaipur	shivshakti computers is very old well known company in jaipur for computer service and repair industry Computer repair shop jaipur is the one of best company which is giving our end to end services to the client all the time. Client know about the name and quality of work.

Keep the battery cool. Computer Repair Shop Jaipur Today’s lithium batteries wear out no matter what you do, but you can postpone the inevitable. Avoid heat and use the battery as little as possible. If you’re going to be running on AC power for awhile, shut down or hibernate the computer, remove the battery, and work without it.

Be careful about eating and drinking. Spill coffee on your desktop keyboard, and you’ll have to spend $15 on a generic replacement you can plug in yourself. Spill it on your laptop keyboard, and you could short out the motherboard. I’ll admit that I use my laptop in cafes just like everyone else, but I put my tea as far from the electronics as my table allows.

When home, turn it into a desktop.Computer Repair Shop Jaipur, You don’t always need portability. When working at your desk,plug in a full-sized monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Not only does this get around the food and beverage problem discussed above, but it protects items far more valuable than your laptop–your arms, hands, and eyes. You can’t set up a proper, ergonomic working environment with a small keyboard attached to a small monitor. Computer Repair Shop Jaipur.

Find the right carrying case.Computer Repair Shop Jaipur  Before taking it on the road, pack the laptop properly. Depending on your carrying preferences, look for a carrying case, backpack, or shoulder bag with a padded section designed especially for a laptop. (I use a backpack because the even distribution of weight is better for my spine.) Computer Repair Shop Jaipur.

Clean the keyboard properly. Computer Repair Shop Jaipur When keys starts sticking, it’s time for a cleaning. Shut down the PC. Keep it open as you turn it upside-down and very gently tap on the back so that crumbs fall out. Then use a can of compressed air (you can buy this at any computer store for a few dollars) to blow out whatever is still stuck. Be sure to read the instructions on the can, first. Then turn the PC upside-down and tap it gently again to get the last bits out. Computer Repair Shop Jaipur.

Clean the Virus. Computer Repair Shop Jaipur Virus is the most common issue in the laptops now a days. If your laptop have virus issue than you will get slow speed and hanging problem in the computer. Virus is the program which slow down laptop of desktop, theft your data, connect with internet and slow down net speed or many more issues comes with the virus. keep original antivirus in your laptop and safe. Computer Repair Shop Jaipur.

Clean the screen when it needs it. If you can’t see the email for the dirt, it’s time to do a little cleaning. Start with a dry, microfiber cloth–the sort you get at an optometrist’s office (you can also buy them at photo and computer stores). Move it in circular motions. Be gentle, but apply slight pressure on particularly stubborn spots. Computer Repair Shop Jaipur.

Computer Repair Shop Jaipur If that doesn’t clean the screen, make your own cleaning solution by mixing distilled water (make sure it’s distilled) and white vinegar in equal proportions into a spray bottle. Turn off your laptop. Spray this mixture lightly onto the microfiber cloth, not onto the monitor. Wipe as described above, then wait ten minutes before booting up. Computer Repair Shop Jaipur.

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